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History of EBPP


Dr. Alvy

Dr. Kerry T Alby is the founder of CICC and he designed all of CICC's parent programs. These parent programs include the effective black parenting program, the los nicnos program, and the new confident program. Dr. Alby retired in August 2021 and gifted  the center's program to DCCTf, a long time partner of CICC. 

Man Carrying Child in Arms

Prior Projects & Programs

Since its founding as a non-profit community service, research and training organization in 1974, the California-based CICC has conducted a wide range of parenting education, support and advocacy services, projects and programs. Some have been of national scope, others statewide, countywide and citywide


Projects have included Parenting Information and Child Abuse Information Centers, Projects for Families with Special Needs Children, a Teenage Parents Project, Projects to Create and Evaluate Parenting Skill-Building Programs, Projects to Disseminate these programs through Training Parenting Instructors, and Membership and Advocacy Projects like the National Parenting Instructors Association and the National Effective Parenting Initiative.

Thus far, more than one million parents nationwide have been educated to be more effective and sensitive through these programs and projects.

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