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Effective Black Parenting Instructor Training

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Welcome to our dedicated group space for the Effective Black Parenting Instructor Training!

This platform is designed to enhance your training experience by providing a vibrant community for all participants to engage with one another, access important supplemental materials, and discuss various topics related to our curriculum. Here, you can share insights, ask questions, and extend your learning beyond the physical classroom.

Features of this group:

  • Discussion Boards: Post questions, share insights, and discuss topics covered in our training sessions. This is a great place to delve deeper into specific aspects of the curriculum or to seek clarification on complex concepts.

  • Resource Library: Access a collection of supplemental documents, articles, and other materials that complement our training content. These resources are curated to support your understanding and implementation of the Effective Black Parenting techniques.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow instructors from diverse backgrounds. Exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, or simply share your experiences and stories. Building a strong network can enhance your personal and professional growth.

  • Updates and Announcements: Stay informed about any updates to the training schedule, upcoming events, and additional support opportunities available to you as part of this program.

We encourage you to actively participate and make the most out of this group. Your contributions will enrich the learning environment and help create a supportive community for everyone involved.

Let's work together to make this training a profoundly impactful and positive experience for all. Dive in, explore, and connect!


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Welcome to our dedicated group space for the Effective Black...


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