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Introducing the national Los Niños Bien Educados Parent Education (LNBE)

Program: Empowering Latinx Families

The DC Children’s Trust Fund (DCCTF) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Los Niños Bien Educados Parent Education Program, a comprehensive parenting skills-building initiative designed specifically for Parents of Latinx children. This Program is the result of years of dedicated research, collaboration, and commitment to supporting Latinx families and strengthening our communities. The Program has been popular on the West Coast; in California,
Colorado, and Texas. We are now expanding the opportunity for professionals to receive training to provide parent education classes throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Program Overview

The Los Niños Program is a week-long training workshop that certifies individuals who work for or with schools, community agencies, religious groups, and other community-based organizations. This training provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to educate parents in their day-to-day interactions with their children, fostering more nurturing, responsive, and effective parent strategies.

The Los Niños Program leverages culturally relevant and evidence-based practices to address the unique challenges and strengths of Latinx families. The curriculum is tailored to resonate with the cultural values and experiences of these families, making it a truly unique and innovative approach to parent education.

Program Goals

The Los Niños Program aims to achieve several vital outcomes:

1. **Prevent and Child Abuse and Neglect:** The Program equips parents with the skills to
nurture their children effectively, thus preventing potential instances of child abuse and neglect.
It also provides resources and support for families dealing with these issues, promoting healing
and prevention.
2. **Promote Cultural Pride in Child Rearing:** The Los Niños Program encourages parents to
embrace their cultural heritage in their child-rearing practices. This approach fosters a sense of
identity and belonging in children and strengthens family bonds.
3. **Reduce Parental Stress:** By offering practical strategies for managing parental
responsibilities and challenges, the Program helps to alleviate parental stress, thereby enhancing
the overall family environment.
4. **Reduce Parental Contributors to Child Substance Abuse:** The Program educates parents
about the risk factors for substance abuse and equips them with strategies to mitigate these risks.

5. **Improve Child School Performance:** By fostering a supportive home environment and
promoting effective parent-child communication, the Program helps to enhance children's
academic performance.
6. **Teach Tolerance:** The Program emphasizes the importance of teaching children about
cultural diversity and respect for all, fostering a sense of tolerance and inclusivity.
7. **Strengthen Family Cohesion:** Through its emphasis on effective communication, mutual
respect, and shared values, the Los Niños Program strengthens family cohesion and promotes
harmonious family relationships.


The Los Niños Program is a groundbreaking initiative that goes beyond traditional parenting programs by validating and incorporating the unique cultural experiences of Latinx families. By empowering parents and strengthening families, we can build stronger, healthier, and more vibrant communities. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of the Los Niños Program on families and communities across the country. For more information, go to the DC
Children’s Trust Fund’s website,, or call us at 202-299-0900.

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