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The same manual is used in teaching the program in English or Spanish, as well as being needed when conducting one-day seminars in the program.T

he manual contains details of how to teach each session and how best to prepare to teach each session.

It includes an extensive program description and history of the program.

Program History:

• Contributions of Scholars

• Two Level Conception of Culture

• Research with Parents

• Child Rearing Practices

• Other Program Adaptations

• In Class Practice and Review


Session 1 Parental Functions and Defining Bien and Mal Educados

Session 2 Expectations of Children, Describing and Counting Behaviors

Session 3 Adjusting to the United States, Respectful Behavior Example, The Effective Praise Method

Session 4 Acceptable and Unacceptable Child rearing Practices, The Mild Social Disapproval Method

Session 5 Causes of Child behaviors: Disrespectful Child Behavior Example, Family Expectation Platicas, The Show and Tell Method

Session 6 The Time Out Method, The Ignoring Method, Questionnaire About Things That Satisfy

Session 7 The First Then Method

Session 8 The Point System Method

Session 9 Review of Methods, Seeds of Greatness

Session 10 Review of Methods, Newspaper Article on Program

Session 11 Further Program Review

Session 12 Further Program Review and Graduation.

Instructor Manual

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