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Circle of Parents

Circle of Parents® provides a friendly, supportive environment facilitated by trained facilitators, but led by parents and other caregivers.  It’s a place where anyone in a parenting role can openly discuss the successes and challenges of raising children.  It’s a place where they can find and share support.

Online Class

DCCTF is the designated Washington, DC affiliate of the Circle of Parents national network. The Circle of Parents is a national organization that promotes mutual support and parent leadership in order to build and support strong, safe families. Click here to view current parent support groups and children & youth groups.

DC Parents includes weekly support groups for parents and other caregivers established on the principles of Trust, Reciprocity, and Parent Leadership that reduce the risk of child maltreatment and increase the five protective factors that strengthen families; parental resilience, parents’ knowledge of parenting and child development, social connections of families, concrete support for families in
times of need, and the social emotional development of children.

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