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Los Niños Bien Educados

Los Niños Bien Educados (LNBE) is adapted from the Confident Parenting Program (CPP). It is the country’s first parenting intervention adapted specifically for Latino families. It was designed for use with families with low incomes. LNBE consists of small group sessions with parents focused on cultural experiences and practices, child behavior, and parenting. Adapted in the late 1970s, it was intended as a response to the criticism about the lack of cultural sensitivity of parenting interventions at the time.

Los Niños Bien Educados is a 12-session program, offered in Spanish, that helps parents teach their kids to be respectful of others and believe in themselves. Parents learn these basic techniques: effective praise, mild social disapproval, ignoring, time out, the point system, first/then, and family chat. Los Niños Bien Educados can help any Spanish-family raising children.

Sessions are on Zoom!

Monday and Wednesday sessions

6 PM to 8:30 PM

starting January 22nd!

Tuesday and Thursday sessions

6 PM to 8:30 PM

starting January 23rd!

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Families Served

Latino families with children 0 to 18 years old LNBE has been used with parents in the United States from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Central and South America, and with new immigrant groups, as well as second-, third-, and fourth-generation immigrant groups.

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Intervention Objectives

• Increase families’ protective factors and decrease risk factors that can lead to negative child outcomes such as

substance abuse and conduct disorders

• Decrease child abuse • Increase warm parenting skills and appropriate discipline

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Are you interested in learning tools and techniques to be a better parent? Would you like your kids to do better at school?

 Core Components

The core intervention was adapted for Latin American families and cultural experiences and practices specific to “the community.” Rather than trying to modify their family cultures, it invites parents’ input on the topics they will be learning about. LNBE consists of small group sessions in which parents are asked to define what they think it means for children to be bien and mal educado (respectful and disrespectful), which specific child behaviors relate to their definitions, and how they can learn skills to increase bien educado behaviors and decrease mal educado behaviors. Dichos, or cultural sayings, common in several latin american cultures, are used to reflect cultural wisdom in parenting skills. The intervention content includes:

• Culturally-specific parenting strategies

• General parenting strategies

• Basic parenting skills—taught using Latin American expressions and sayings (dichos)

• Special topical coverage 

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Core Components

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Program Goals


Prevent and treat child abuse


Promote pride in cultural heritage regarding child rearing


Recognize and better manage cultural and generational contributors to parent-child conflicts


Prevent and treat child behavior disorders


Reduce parental stress

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Reduce parental contributors to child substance abuse​


Improve child school performance


Cope better with the effects of racism and prejudice


Teach tolerance


Strengthen family cohesion

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Aponde  el Corazon Se  Inclina El Pie Camina

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Become a Master Trainer


Training is required to become a LNBE instructor. 


Training is a five-day intensive and interactive training sessions, with a graduation ceremony, and are held all over the country. Organizations or agencies can register  for a Virtual Training and can also request an in-person workshop in some locations.

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